Corporate Computer Support, Inc. is a full service computer-consulting firm dedicated to providing the best information technology solutions available.

We provide service and support to small to mid-sized businesses and individuals. No matter how small or large your needs may be, we can help. We offer technology-related services ranging from installing a new PC to planning a corporate network, from choosing the right software to designing an integrated database.

We will work with you to provide a solution custom tailored to your needs. This includes the design and specification of systems, assistance in finding the right price and purchasing, planning the installation, installing the system(s) and software, establishing routines and procedures for maintenance and backup, troubleshooting when problems arise and upgrading systems when the time comes.

We believe that our role should encompass all aspects of technology. We can help make your existing technology better meet your needs, but if you need to buy new hardware or software, we will help you find the most cost-effective source, and integrate it with your existing systems.

Our staff stays up to date with the latest news in the technology field, periodically receiveing training to maintain industry standard certifications, including Citrix and Microsoft.